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From the desk of Anderson Goncalves

Dear fellow Internet marketers allow me to introduce you to, a brand new state-of-the-art site for you to advertise your businesses and affiliate programs using the power of an effective email marketing system. Check out some of the cool features of

Many Ways To Advertise
* Credit Based Mailer: With the credit based mailer you can email your ads to our active membership up to 2 times a day as long as you have credits left. One credit = one person you can mail to. You will get 500 credits just for joining. Earn credits for reading mail and for referring other members 2 levels deep. You can choose the amount of credits you use for each mailing.

* Banner and Text Ads
: Add banners and text ads for your favorite programs and easily promote them to members and visitors. There is no limit on how long your banner will be rotated on our website. It will be displayed as long as you have credits.

* Login Ads: Our members will earn credits for seeing YOUR ad right away afer loging into members area.

* Solo Ads: Your message will be sent right to the contact email of our active members.

* Header and Footer Ads: A few lines with your advertising will be added to the top or bottom of each message we are sending to our members, including confirmation and notification messages.

Many Ways To Earn
You have several different ways to earn money with here are some of them:

* Make money promoting your sites to our active members

* Make money sharing with others

* Make money with the recommended programs in the Downline Builder
... and much more!

GenieMailer Credit Links guarantee that people will visit your site!
Our members receive credits for reading other member's ads. But in order to receive any credits they need to visit your website and stay there for 20 seconds. Our special script will check this automaitically, so you will get guaranteed visitors!

GenieMailer bounce mail solution - only clean mailing list!
Our safelist script includes special system that keep our list as clean as possible.

We are always working to make even better!

Ivan G.
Hi Anderson, I'm pleasantly surprised from your GenieMailer - I got
results right from my first mailing! Congrats for this great site,

Donna Gain
Hello Anderson

Great Job with Genie Mailer! I can also count on Genie Mailer
to get my ads seen by real members.

Thank you

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To Your Success!

Anderson Goncalves Owner/Admin

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